Links of Interest


  • Recycle Items

    • All brands of juice pouches – including straws (rinse out).
    • All brands chip and pretzel bags
    • Any plastic with a #6 recycle symbol on the bottom
    • Elmers glue sticks and bottles
    • Lunchable containers and boxes
    • Invisible tape plastic containers and white circular center
    • Malt-O-meal cereal bags
    • All brands cereal bags from inside boxes
    • Old cell phones
    • All brands foil lined energy bar wrappers such as Cliff Bar, Lara Bar, Special K, FiberOne, etc.
  • Code Items
    • Coke products - please send codes into school with your child     
      • Codes are on bottle caps
      • On the pull out flap of 12 packs
      • On the inside of the box of 24 packs
      • On the plastic wrapper for Dasani water multi-packs
      • We are able to get construction paper, crayons, markers, and scotch tape with these codes!
    • Kellogg’s Family rewards
      • Codes are on the inside of packages marked with the Kellogg’s Family Reward symbol on the front of the box.
      • These can be Kellogg or Keebler products.
      • These codes can be collected and then turned into money for the school
    • Other
      • Box Tops, Campbell labels (soup, spaghettio’s, V8 Splash lids), Tyson and pop tops from soda cans