About Us

Rhea Valley Elementary School opened in 1981 to serve the students of the Rhea Valley community and surrounding areas. The school originally included kindergarten through grade seven. In 1991, grades five through seven were moved to the newly created Damascus Middle School. In 2003, the fifth grade students were returned to Rhea Valley Elementary
Rhea Valley Elementary School was originally designed as an open classroom structure. In 1994, walls were added to make the classrooms more self-contained. Currently, each grade is contained in a four classroom pod, with the exception of the fifth grade and preschool programs that are housed in the new wing which has individual classrooms.

Rhea Valley Elementary School includes kindergarten through fifth grade and three preschool programs. The current enrollment of Rhea Valley Elementary School is 401. Rhea Valley Elementary School is served by 25 classroom teachers and 37 support staff members.